A full Reiki treatment takes just over an hour. You remain fully clothed, and usually lie down on a treatment table. If lying down is uncomfortable or impracticable, then treatment can also be given while you are sitting or standing. As a Reiki Master, I follow the traditional hand positions, laid down by generations of Masters before me, but I also ‘listen to my hands’ to find out where extra treatment is needed.

Reiki works on many levels. Some people find it brings relief from physical ailments, others that it helps deal with emotional stuff such as stress, bereavement or relationship problems. It can help sort out intractable work issues, or provide guidance on a spiritual path. What I can’t do is predict in advance just how it will work for a particular person. The only thing I can predict is that it will be worthwhile! Most Reiki treatments are peaceful and relaxing, but when Reiki is dealing with ‘big stuff’, they can also be challenging.

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