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Freya Seaton has a forgotten past, and that’s just how she likes it. At seventeen she abandoned her childhood home and never went back. She has forged a new life for herself with Blake, the man she loves, guiding groups through the Australian rainforest.  A chance encounter propels her back to England, determined to prove that the past has no power over her. But is she right, and is there anything left for her at all in the sleepy Sussex village, except misery and danger?  Can she piece the fragments back together, or will her past overwhelm her? Above all, clouded by the stories she has told herself, can she distinguish friend from enemy in time to tackle the demons she refuses to recognize, without jeopardizing her life and everything she loves?

When I’m not teaching Reiki, or working in the NHS, I write stories.  One of these became my first published novel, Fragments of Love.  You may notice that my writing name, Catherine Louisa McKenzie, is different to my name as a Reiki Master, Louisa Booth.  McKenzie is a family name, and I wanted to honour it.  The novel is published by Active Sprite Press – see the details below, or use the Link.

ActiveSprite Press

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Hello! I plan to use this site to chat about my Reiki life in Tavistock, and about the stories that come up as I teach Reiki, give Reiki treatments, hold Reiki shares and chat to Reiki practitioners everywhere. At the moment I am in the middle of a very exciting venture with Wanja Twan. Wanja was one of the 22 Reiki Masters taught by Hawayo Takata, and in April she came to Tavistock to hold a Storytelling workshop. I wrote about that for The Reiki Association’s Touch Magazine, and that story is below. Meanwhile, this week I am off to Canada to spend some more time with Wanja and Michelle, to have a think about the book we hope will come out of it.

Story Telling with Wanja Twan,
Tavistock, April 25th 2009

Wanja Twan is one of the 22 Reiki Masters created by Mrs Takata. She has lived a life full of Reiki for over thirty years. Two weeks ago, she came to Devon to hold a Reiki Story Telling Workshop. Louisa Booth tells us how it happened.

Two days before I went away for a month, Wanja and I concocted a plan to hold a story telling workshop in Tavistock. Wanja herself is a wonderful storyteller, and I love stories too, so this was clearly a fine plan. I recall now those stories Wanja tells about the early days, when Mrs Takata would declare that she was arriving to teach a Reiki class, and Wanja would say ‘yes’, and then work out how to rustle up some participants.
I sent emails and texts, and made as many phone-calls as I had time for, and then let it all simmer while I was on the other side of the world. When I returned, with 10 days to spare, we had 4 participants. Here’s the thing. Tavistock isn’t exactly near anywhere, except Dartmoor. People think they’ve reached the West Country when they hit Bristol, but they have another two counties to go before they reach Tavistock. For Canadians like Wanja and Michelle, that distance is nothing. Canadians cheerfully travel 10 hours just to pop in for tea with a neighbour. But in the British Isles, distance is different. People find it harder to traverse. Nevertheless, we soon had people coming from far (Scotland, Ireland, Shropshire, London) and near (Cornwall, Tavistock and all the way over the moor). By the end of the week I was asking the locals to bring chairs and mugs and hoping we would all fit in. We did, of course. We had the perfect number for a perfect day. (Note to self – do not worry).
Wanja told stories first. We started with perhaps the most important story for us as Reiki practitioners – how Mrs Takata taught Wanja to lay her hands there, and there, and there. We watched, we listened, we tried to absorb. Into this Wanja began to weave stories from her journey as a Reiki Master. Canadian stories feature coyotes and bears and interactions with the wild outside. Tentatively, we began telling stories too. Our stories were different, featuring transformations and healings. The stories are being gathered together and will create a book we can all share, and then we will see, perhaps, whether the flavour changes as Wanja travels from country to country, gathering stories as she goes.
As the day closed, Wanja gave each of us a Reiki blessing, and people came out shining. A Reiki blessing from Wanja is amazing and powerful, and creates its own transformations. As Jean Jones said of the day, “what incredible energy… I guess that is what it feels like when you have truly lived Reiki. I really had the opportunity to experience her amazing energy and presence in a completely real way’. Wanja is a wonderful person, and opportunities to spend time with her are valuable. If you get the chance, any place, any time, I urge you to say yes!
Louisa Booth, May 7th 2009