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The Reiki Association invites Reiki Masters to their next regional Masters Circle, to be held in Tavistock, Devon, on Saturday 7th April from 10am to 4pm.

This Masters Circle will be hosted by Louisa Booth and Tripuri Dunne.

To book: Please contact Louisa on 07802 863008 or

There will be time for discussion in circle and sharing Reiki.  Please bring food to share for lunch.

Cost: This event is free to members of The Reiki Association and £20 to non-members payable at the event.  Donations on the day to the Reiki Association Bursary Fund are welcomed.




Paradoxically, Autumn always seems a time of new beginnings. Just as the leaves turn golden, the children start a new school year and I plan Reiki shares and Reiki courses. We have our first Autumnal Reiki Share in Tavistock on Tues September 8th, at 7.30. If you would like to come, and haven’t been before, just give me a ring on 07802 863008. I will be teaching a Reiki 11 course in Tavistock on Oct 10 /11th, and a Reiki 1 course on Oct 24th/25th. If you would like to join in, please ring me.

Meanwhile, I seem to have lost a blog or two somewhere. I wrote about my Canadian trip, about meeting up with Wanja Twan in Vancouver and swimming in English Bay, and then moving inland to Mission to stay with Native American Reiki Masters Annelli Twan and Don, who took me to a cold mountain lake for more swimming. It’s a good thing I have been hardening off in the rivers and seas around Devon! There is something about swimming in real water that helps me find myself and make connections with earth and spirit. Annelli, Don and Wanja also took me to the Transformer Rock, where, way back when, three leaders were transformed to stone because they had failed to pass on the knowledge invested in them. Reiki is about passing on knowledge- not knowledge of the mind, but knowledge in the hands and spirit. It happens during initiation, from Master to student, and it is the role of the Master to ensure that the knowledge is passed on perfectly, without loss during the transmission. So, I try to teach exactly as Wanja taught me, and she teaches as Mrs Takata taught her, and it is the same, but inevitably different, because everything else we have ever learned comes in too.