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Freya Seaton has a forgotten past, and that’s just how she likes it. At seventeen she abandoned her childhood home and never went back. She has forged a new life for herself with Blake, the man she loves, guiding groups through the Australian rainforest.  A chance encounter propels her back to England, determined to prove that the past has no power over her. But is she right, and is there anything left for her at all in the sleepy Sussex village, except misery and danger?  Can she piece the fragments back together, or will her past overwhelm her? Above all, clouded by the stories she has told herself, can she distinguish friend from enemy in time to tackle the demons she refuses to recognize, without jeopardizing her life and everything she loves?

When I’m not teaching Reiki, or working in the NHS, I write stories.  One of these became my first published novel, Fragments of Love.  You may notice that my writing name, Catherine Louisa McKenzie, is different to my name as a Reiki Master, Louisa Booth.  McKenzie is a family name, and I wanted to honour it.  The novel is published by Active Sprite Press – see the details below, or use the Link.

ActiveSprite Press

Amazon Kindle E-book: ISBN: 978-0-9567654-9-9; ASIN: B0092Q8KLE

Epub E-Book edition: ISBN: 978-0-9574821-1-1; Smashwords, WH Smith and iBooks

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